Black screen by Java based applications over PCoIP

I was onsite debugging an issue with running their Java-based Oracle client when their developers using their VDI desktops over PCoIP.

The Issue

By scrolling through the Java-based Oracle development client, black screen will be appearing instead of the proper text within the in-application windows.

This issue occurs only when they use their VDI desktop (VMware View 5.2) over PCoIP protocol, where it’s working fine under physical desktops.

The Root Cause

By default  Windows 7 uses Hardware Acceleration for DirectDraw, however VDI desktops can’t leverage the hardware acceleration and that caused to have black screen by scrolling.

The Solution

Windows 7 has removed the DirectX control panel applet, however you can still download it from here. unzip the file and copy it to the master image, then run “directx.cpl”

Go to DirectDraw tab and check under “Performance” the status of the “Use Hardware Acceleration”, if it’s enabled then just unselect it to disable it and press OK.


You don’t need to reboot to have the change applied, you can just rerun the applet and make sure that it’s disabled.

Try to reproduce the issue and you will see it’s solved now 🙂

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