Rectify your VCDX design issues in Defence presentation

As general say, there isn’t a perfect design, instead you could have multiple design options which could lead to the same end result.

When you submit your VCDX design, you hope that all is perfect; at least technically and logically; however the fast is that you will start figuring out issues in your design just after submission!

How could I rectify those Design issues?!

The answer is in your VCDX Defence presentation.

in my design I had few areas which could be done in better way, where others can’t be done as I mentioned in my design.

To cover those issues, I had those areas corrected in my VCDX Defence presentation and elaborate verbally during the defence about those points and why I have modified them from my original submitted design document and guess what? it worked very well 🙂

The bottom line: Your VCDX Presentation is your playground to rectify your Design issues and demonstrate your expertise, so use it wisely!



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