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As most of you know, I am holding VCDX-DCV (#136) since July 2014 after a successful defence in Frankfurt (Germany). Short afterwards; I had started preparing for VCAP-DTA (VCAP-DTD passed already in 2013), both VCAP exams were prerequisites before being able to apply for VCDX-DTM.

The first attempt for passing VCAP-DTA was in September 2014; it wasn’t successful as I had faced a lot on connection latency and interruptions which led to fail it. after another round of preparation; I had sit it again in October 2014 and passed it successfully.

My first attempt to achieve VCDX-DTM was for PEX2015 VCDX submission, I had just picked up one of my VDI design and submitted it without any modifications; unfortunately it wasn’t successful! The panelists thankfully provided a helpful feedback.

I had modified the design again to cover the areas where my panelists thought that I didn’t cover them enough and resubmitted it again for June 2015 defence. again my attempt wasn’t successful 🙁

This time I had even more detailed feedback from my panelists and I figured out that I wasn’t covering some areas which are required in VCDX-DTM Blueprint, so I worked hard and I did an overhaul to my design including introducing additional fictitious components to fill all gaps and I had submitted it again for October 2015 defence.

Last week on Friday 30.10.2015 and while I was relaxing as it’s weekend over here, I had received an email from VCDX with subject saying: VCDX Defense Results  and had the following content:

Safouh Kharrat,
Congratulations! It gives me great pleasure to award you your 2nd VCDX certification.
After evaluating your application and design, your VCDX panelist peers have granted you the VCDX-DTM credential.
This is an achievement that truly deserves the attention of the entire VMware Community and one that should be recognized as a remarkable feat by your VCDX colleagues. You are one of a few to earn the Elite status as a VCDX, and you will receive new logos for your use that highlights this accomplishment.
You are truly an elite member of a small and remarkably talented group.

I was glad to find out that I have been awarded my second VCDX in Desktops & Mobility (VCDX-DTM) 🙂

From my experience which I made during the preparation of my second VCDX, I would like to summarize important points need to be taken in consideration:

  • The VCDX-DTM Blueprint is your first consulting reference. You must make sure that your design covers all areas mentioned there carefully and thoroughly.
  • As well know, the second VCDX involves no defence. Therefore your design should be completed and close to perfect one as you don’t have chance to defend it in person to justify your design decisions or rectify any flaws in it during your defence presentation.
  • Make sure that your accompanied documentations (Installation & configuration guide, implementation plan,  validation procedures…etc) are updated to reflect your design and to include vSphere & EUC components. Don’t relies on Templates!
  • Failing your VCDX Technical Review isn’t the end of the world. Wait for your reviewers’ feedback and go through it carefully to work on your design gaps, be sure that if you fill you design gaps you would pass next time. The reviewers/panelists are not your enemy!
  • Seeking your peers review before submitting your design is a wise thing to do. The reviews’ notes are priceless!
  • If you didn’t make in your first attempt; don’t give up! improve your design or even pick up a new one and try it again. You would learn more from your failures and sure you will make it next time after your fill your design gaps.

Currently as of today, there are 12 professionals holding VCDX-DTM certificate worldwide and only 7 of them have it besides VCDX-DCV, so we are talking really about a handful of elite professionals worldwide 😉

You could check always our official up to date VCDX Directory to get the right information about the VCDX status for all professionals worldwide.

Unfortunately as Panelist I can’t be a mentor too, however I am happy to answer generic queries about VCDX-DCV/VCDX-DTM.

PS: VMware Education had published a Blog post talking about the newly minted VCDXs and Double VCDXs in October 2015’s Defence.






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